Saturday, November 26, 2005

Fish Headed Man

Oil on Canvas 30" x 36" (images are cropped)
This is another 3rd term project I finished for my Contemporary Figure Painting class with Kent Williams. The assignment was to acquire a large fish (in this case a beautiful New Zealand Snapper and incorporate it into a painting as the central focus. We also had to include a figure so I combined the two into a somewhat disturbing creature. I collaged the newspaper to the canvas with matte medium. My father is the sleeveless human model I worked from. I thought I would show you the piece in a 3-part progression to give a sense of how I approached the piece.
[This piece was on display in Art Center's Main Student Gallery.]


Ceros said...

I like the picture towards the bottom best. I know it's supposed to show progresison, but I think it just looks more.. appropriate? Strange word to use when refering to a half fish half man creature, but true.


mackaydesign said...

Thanks for your input!

Maciej Makalowski said...

wow, beautiful!!!

Craig Mackay said...

Thank you, Maciej!