Sunday, August 13, 2006

Saber-Tooth Flea

This is the concept I have been working on for Krystina Castella's Toy Design class. The following is the text on the back of the package:

Meet the Saber-Tooth Flea!

Paleoentomologists recently unearthed the earliest known relative to the modern day flea: the Smilodon Ctenocephalides or Saber-Tooth Flea™. These wingless insects are generally less than 3.81cm (with teeth 13.97cm). It is supposed that this large parasitical insect spent most of its life entangled within the thick hair of the large wooly creatures that roamed the prehistoric world. Most often the Saber-Tooth Flea™ could be found feasting upon the North American Mammoth for its sustenance. It is believed that their teeth, or palps, doubled as heat-seeking antennae and its primary means of transportation: pole-vaulting. With the discovery of this amazing species, scientists have opened the door for the discovery of countless other previously unknown primitive insects such as the Woolly Poly™ and many, many more. Be one of the first to collect them all!"

I sold 9 of these at the student Toy Design sale for 25$ each and sold the deluxe albino under antique glass with an antique magnifying glass for $100. (My dad bought it. Thanks, Dad!)