Saturday, December 17, 2005

Lobsterette and Other Sketches

Here are some more sketches in my earth-bound sketchbook.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Portrait From Life

Oil on Canvas 18" x 24" (images are cropped)

This is painting was our final in-class painting assignment for my Contemporary Figure Painting class with Kent Williams. The pose was originally going to be for 3 full 5 hour sessions but was reduced due to my 3rd term review with the Illustration Department chair, the model's time constraints, Thanksgiving, and a special presentation that took place last Thursday in which we were addressed by Art Center's former Illustration Department chair and famed illustrator Baron Storey.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ender and Other Sketches

I thought I'd add some new sketches. The two earth-toned sketches are from one of my sketchbooks and the other is a digital image I did on a whim.

Fish Headed Man

Oil on Canvas 30" x 36" (images are cropped)
This is another 3rd term project I finished for my Contemporary Figure Painting class with Kent Williams. The assignment was to acquire a large fish (in this case a beautiful New Zealand Snapper and incorporate it into a painting as the central focus. We also had to include a figure so I combined the two into a somewhat disturbing creature. I collaged the newspaper to the canvas with matte medium. My father is the sleeveless human model I worked from. I thought I would show you the piece in a 3-part progression to give a sense of how I approached the piece.
[This piece was on display in Art Center's Main Student Gallery.]

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Self Portrait with James

Oil on Canvas 31" x 40"
This is a current 3rd term project I'm working on currently. This is suppose to be a self portrait from reference. I chose to use a year old image of me and my son that my wife took candidly. I'll update the finish after I give it about 4-6 more hours (23 hrs so far 'cause I'm slow!). [I updated the image Feb 1, 2006]

Lady by the Phone

Oil and Acrylic on Mapel Panel (image is cropped)
[panel 24" x 16" actual image 14" x 18"]

My mom was a great sport to sit for the original reference photographs I took in preparation for this project. I skewed and distorted the original picture in Photoshop and painted according to those changes (i.e. the longer-than-possible neck).

Head Painting

Oil on Canvas Board 14" x 18"

This painting was completed in about 3.5 hours during David Luce's Head Painting class. The model was great.

The Mousekateer

Oil on Canvas Board 20" x 16"

This is one of the first paintings I did during my 2nd term at Art Center (I'm in my 3rd term now). While shooting reference for this project I had my grandpa wear a mousekateer hat and told him to look depressed.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

1st Post

OK, here's my first post...

...Wow, that was pretty easy.