Monday, February 01, 2010

Cool Shades

Acrylic on Illustration board 16" x 20"
I'm taking a portraiture class at DCP taught by the great Sean Cheetham. Here's my progress this week.


Get Your Sketch said...

I love where you've taken this painting to. I could learn something from you!

Craig Mackay said...

Thanks for your comment, but I just had a look at your blog and would venture to say the opposite is true. I could learn a lot from you! Thanks for stopping by and all the best to you.

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

I was going to give you a hard time for not posting but, these two from Sean's class are so good... I just can't do it.

Just beautiful work Craig. Well done.


Great portraits, Craig! I like the looseness and transparency. My acrylic tends to get heavy handed. Keep up the good work.
How's DCP?

Craig Mackay said...

John - Thanks! I know I need to post some new work. thanks for the motivation.

Patrick - Great to hear from you! I took the class at DCP but I've been at DIMG (Disney Interactive Media Group) for a few years now. Both are fantastic groups and I still keep in touch over there. How are you?

Meesimo said...

Looking good! Always nice t see the in-progress