Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Howard Hughes

Mixed Media on Strathmore Illustration Board 20" x 8.5 " [enlarged detail below]
The first image is a piece I did for my Image & Idea class with Kent Williams for an assignment called Metamorphosis. I used phases of Howard Hughes life to illustrate the idea. The second is a sketch I did in my Moleskine during Frank Stockton's drawing workshop. I chose to draw the guy opposite of me instead of focusing on the model.


sponie said...

some parts like the faces are well done, I can tell that you were under time pressure as some parts are "undercooked".

mackaydesign said...

I definitely agree. I'm still searching for the balance between overcooked and undercooked. My general feeling is that I did both in different areas. My teacher, Kent Williams, felt this would make a good "color comp" or preliminary rough. I agree that it doesn't feel like a solid single image. Another comment he made was that I should add more "opaqueness". Most of the drawing is composed of thinly applied inks and watercolor washes followed by transparent oil glazes in some areas. Thank you for your input!

Frank said...

you left out the best part on the moleskin drawing :)